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And then I Blogged…

Hey, I’m Matt.  I’ve been thinking about blogging for some time now.  The one thing that kept stopping me was that I didn’t know if anyone would care what I think about anything.  Why should they?  I am just a guy with a keyboard and access to the internet.  There are literally millions of people just like me, so what makes me different?  Well like I said, my name’s Matt.  A fairly common name all in itself, but I’m the only Matt I know that has my perspective.  So what do I have to lose, I’m gonna write about whatever I want.

My sidekick Fred.

This is my partner in crime, his name's Fred

For example, right now, I feel like telling the world about my dog Fred.  He’s a six year old male Basset Hound with a devil-may-care disposition and a love for plush sectional couch cushions.  Fred’s still a little bitter about the whole “getting his nuts chopped off” thing but I suppose I can’t blame him.  His desire to nap is only outweighed by his desire for belly rubs. And finally Fred’s favorite trick is “playing sleepy” and he can pee for a good 3 minutes without stopping.

Until next time, be well.